1 de diciembre de 2009

¿Unos medios independientes del gobierno? Anda ya...

Geoffrey Cowan y David Westphal desmitifican en The Online Journalism Review la idea de unos medios de comunicación independientes del gobierno y analizan las tres principales fuentes de intervención pública en esta industria:
A mythology about the relationship between American government and the news business is again making the rounds, and it needs a corrective jolt. The myth is that the commercial press in this country stands wholly independent of governmental sustenance. Here's the jolt: There's never been a time in U.S. history when government dollars weren't propping up the news business. This year, federal, state and local governments will spend well over $1 billion to support commercial news publishers through tax breaks, postal subsidies and the printing of public notices. And the amount used to be much higher.
Más, aquí.

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